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Danh sách bài báo quốc tế thuộc danh mục ISI/SCOPUS năm 2021

Thứ hai, 24/05/2021, 09:31

                                            (List of ISI/Scopus indexed publication 2021)

No Article Title Author(s)
of HVU
Journal Year Index
1 Polymeric membranes on base of PolyMethyl methacrylate for air separation: a review Cao Viet Journal of Materials Research and Technology, 10, 1437-1461 2021 ISI
2 Kanchan Arsenic Filters and the Future of Fe0-Based Filtration Systems for Single Household Drinking Water Supply Cao Viet Processes 2021, 9(1), 58 2021 ISI
3 On the Multiplicity and the Cohen–Macaulayness of Fiber Cones of Graded Modules Nguyen Tien Manh Algebra Colloquium, 28(1), 13-32 2021 ISI
4 Uniform attractors of 3D Navier-Stokes-Voigt equations with memory and singularly oscillating external forces Dang Thi Phuong Thanh Evolution Equations & Control Theory, 10(1), 1-23 2021 ISI
5 Phylogeny of Alpinia coriandriodora D.Fang and Implications for Character Evolution and Conservation Vu Xuan Duong
Cao Phi Bang
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 24(1), 1-12 2021 SCOPUS
6 Influence of Salicylic Acid on Some Physiological Responses of Chrysanthemum “Mai vang” Cao Phi Bang
Nguyen Van Huy
Le Thi Man
Phung Thi Lan Huong
Vu Xuan Duong
Chu Thi Bich Ngoc
Asian Journal of Plant Sciences, 20(1), 44-51 2021 SCOPUS
7 Genome-wide Analysis of Aldehyde Dehydrogenase (ALDH) Gene Superfamily in Eucalyptus grandis by Using Bioinformatics Methods Cao Phi Bang
Vu Xuan Duong
Le Thi Man
Asian Journal of Plant Sciences, 20(2), 210-219 2021 SCOPUS
8 Diversity of microbial community and its metabolic potential for nitrogen and sulfur cycling in sediments of Phu Quoc island, Gulf of Thailand Cao Phi Bang Brazilian Journal of Microbiology, 52, 1385–1395 2021 ISI
9 Rice Breeding in Vietnam: Retrospects, Challenges and Prospects Vu Xuan Duong Agriculture 2021, 11(5), 397 2021 ISI
10 Factors Affect Employees Loyalty In Thuy Van Industrial Zone, Phu Tho Province Luu The Vinh
Bui Thi Ly
Journal of Contemporary Issues in Business and Government, 27(1), 3965-3980 2021 ISI (ESCI)
11 Three-Component Reaction of 3-Arylidene-3H-Indolium Salts, Isocyanides and Amines Nguyen Manh Hung Molecules 2021, 26(9), 2402 2021 ISI
12 The Suitability of Methylene Blue Discoloration (MB Method) to Investigate the Fe0/MnO2 System Cao Viet Processes 2021, 9(3), 548 2021 ISI
13 The mechanism of contaminant removal in Fe(0)/H2O systems: The burden of a poor literature review Cao Viet Chemosphere, 280, 130614 2021 ISI
14 Integrated Water Resource Management: Rethinking the Contribution of Rainwater Harvesting Cao Viet Sustainability 2021, 13(15), 8338 2021 ISI
15 Dynamics of Non-autonomous Quasilinear Degenerate Parabolic Equations: the Non-compact Case Nguyen Xuan Tu Acta Mathematica Vietnamica (2021) 2021 ISI (ESCI)
16 Modified Space Vector Modulation for Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter with Open-Circuit Power Cells Mai Van Chung Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2021, Article ID 6643589 2021 ISI (ESCI)
17 An improved method of model predictive current control for multilevel cascaded H-bridge inverters Mai Van Chung Journal of Electrical Engineering, 72(1), 1-11 2021 ISI
18  A Finite Set-Model Predictive Control based on FPGA Flatform for Eleven-Level Cascaded H-Bridge Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive  Mai Van Chung  International Journal of Power Electronics and Drive System, 12(2), 845-856  2021  SCOPUS
19  Development of STEM education learning unit in context of Vietnam Tan Cuong Tea village    Phan Thi Tinh  Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 1835 (2021) 012060  2021 SCOPUS 
20  Preparing Pre-Service Teachers for Mathematics Teaching at Primary Schools in Vietnam   Phan Thi Tinh  EURASIA Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education, 17(5), em1966  2021  SCOPUS
21  Factors Influencing Teachers Intentions to Use Realistic Mathematics Education in. Vietnam: An Extension of the Theory of Planned Behavior  Hoang Cong Kien
Do Tung
 Journal on Mathematics Education, 12(2), 331-348  2021  SCOPUS
22  Global attractor for a class of quasilinear degenerate parabolic equations with nonlinearity of arbitrary order  Nguyen Xuan Tu  Communications of the Korean Mathematical Society, 36(3), 447-463  2021 ISI (ESCI)
23  Effects of creatine on the quality and fertility of chicken semen during liquid storage   Bui Thi Hoang Yen
Dang Hoang Lam
Nguyen Thi Ha Phuong
 Journal of the International Society for Southeast Asian Agricultural Sciences,  27(1), 27-37  2021 SCOPUS 
24  Influences of silver nanoparticles in vitro morphogenesis of specialty King Banana (Musa ssp.) in Vietnam.  Vu Xuan Duong  Plant Cell Biotechnology and Molecular Biology, 22(33-34), 163-175  2021  SCOPUS
25  Monitoring of Field Patrolling Efforts, Vietnam: Insights from a Forest Station in Pu Hu Nature Reserve  Nguyen Tai Luyen  Sustainability 2021, 13, 8407  2021  ISI
26 Modified graded Hennings invariants from unrolled quantum groups and modified integral Ha Ngoc Phu Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 226(3),106815 2021 ISI
27 Rare flavonoids and sesquiterpenoids isolated from the leaves of Goniothalamus gracilipes Trieu Quy Hung Fitoterapia 155 (2021) 10503 2021 ISI
28 Taxonomy notes and new occurrence data of four species of atyid shrimp (Crustacea: Decapoda: Atyidae) in Vietnam, all described from China Phan Thi Yen Biodiversity Data Journal 9: e70289. 2021 ISI
29 Factors affecting the profitability of listed commercial banks in Vietnam: Does agriculture finance matter? Nguyen Thi Bat AgBioForum, 23(1), 32-41 2021 SCOPUS
30 Local marketing in tourism development: Case study in Phu Tho province, Vietnam Pham Thi Thu Huong
Tran Thi Thuy Sinh
Journal of Contemporary Issues in Business and Government, 27(6), 403-419 2021 ISI (ESCI)
31 Research on lifelong learning in Southeast Asia: A bibliometrics review between 1972 and 2019 Phan Thi Tinh Cogent Education (2021), 8, 1994361 2021 ISI (ESCI)
32 "Applying Digital Marketing in Tourism Development in Phu Tho Province" Luu The Vinh
Nong Thi Ly
Journal of Management Information and Decision Sciences, 24(S6), 1-14. 2021 SCOPUS

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